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‘ The Artists’ Last Cut’
Acrylic on Handmade Stretched  Canvas  131 x 75 cms
WAS$3,500 $AUD  NOW $2,850 AUD

‘ Earth Child’
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 35 x 30 cms
WAS$995 $AUD  NOW $895 AUD

‘ C’mon Moofy, Dad’s Coming In’
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas  152 x 76cms
WAS$4,000 $AUD  NOW $2,950 AUD


‘ The Marble Players’
Pencil on Canson Drawing Paper Framed  90 x 68 cms
WAS$1,950 $AUD  NOW $1,595 AUD


Oil on Stretched Canvas  35 x 30 cms

WAS$875 $AUD  NOW $700 AUD



‘Old Jacko’
Pastel on Canson Paper 27×26 cms
WAS$400 $AUD  NOW $350 AUD

‘ Modern Missy’
Oil on Stretched  Canvas 30 x30 cms
WAS$475 $AUD  NOW $450 AUD

‘The Call’
Indian Ink on Satine Paper 90 x 68 cms
WAS$1,550 $AUD  NOW $995 AUD


‘ Rainy Melbourne 1 & 2’
Oil on Textured Stretched Canvas 20 x20 cms
Each one WAS $450 $AUD  NOW $375 AUD

Or $758 AUD for the PAIR


‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore’
Acrylic on  Canvas Board Framed 49 x30 cms
WAS $995 AUD  NOW $850 AUD


‘Last Rays of a Perfect Day’
Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper Framed 101 x83 cms
WAS$1,950 $AUD  NOW $1,550 AUD