Sculptureshandmade by KerryAnne from polymer & air-dried clay. All clothes are designed and sewn by Kerry Anne  


‘Dermi, Having a Rest’

Hand moulded polymer clay body, static joints, mounted to circular wood base. 

H 32cms x W 30cmw x D  30cms

$700 AUD


‘Shamus on a Spree’

Polymer Clay Relief behind glass Framed

$   AUD

‘King of Mardi Gras’

Made from an old dried paint brush and air-dried clay and dressed by Kerry Anne

$   AUD

‘Madam Shivago’

 Polymer clay face with fake fur,   cms 

$45 AUD


‘Baby Bunting in Blue’

Polymer clay baby painted with acrylic paint on fake fur CD disc with baubles,   cms 

$  AUD



Polymer clay bodies in pearl & satin lined sardine-can cradle,   cms 

$  AUD


‘On a Bed of Flowers’

Polymer clay face on a bed of polymer clay flowers, with feather   cms 

$48 AUD

‘Slumbering Lepracon’

Polymer clay body painted with acrylic paint in a sequin-covered sardine can bed    cms 

$80 AUD


‘Shell Wee and Shell Not, Twins’

Polymer clay bodies in large seashell crib encrusted with shells and pearls

under a polymer rug,   cms 


‘Flower Child’

Polymer clay baby with handmade flowers on a polymer clay leaf,   cms