Animal Paintings:

Prices for all studio sales have been REDUCED due to Covid-19 &  Economic Downturn   

' Africa's Thunder,'

‘South Africa’s Thunder & Lilac Breasted Rollers'

Pencil and Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 120 x 92 cms

WAS $4,500 AUD

NOW   $4,000 AUD

‘On the Edge – Black Rhino South Africa’

Oil on Stretched Canvas 120 x 92 cms

WAS  $4,000 AUD

NOW   $3,500 AUD

‘Sawubona- I See You’

Oil on Handmade Stretched Canvas 122 x 92 cms

WAS  $ 4,000 AUD 

NOW  $3,500 AUD


‘King of the African Night’

Oil on Stretched Canvas 72 x 92 cms

WAS  $ 2,500 AUD 

NOW  $1,995 AUD

‘ Old Yella’

Pastel on Canson Pastel Paper Framed , Behind Glass ???cms

WAS  $2,250 AUD 

NOW   $1,850 AUD


‘ Cape Town Penguins’

Oil on Stretched Canvas 76 x 92 cms

WAS  $2,250 AUD

NOW   $1,995 AUD

‘ In the Still of a Limpopo Night, South African Lions’

Oil on Stretched Canvas 76 x 92cms

WAS  $2,500 AUD 

 NOW  $1,995 AUD

‘Awesome Orca, Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada’

Fluid Acrylics on Stretched Canvas 20 x 25 cms

WAS  $500 AUD

NOW   $450 AUD'There's Always One -

‘There’s Always One, Wart Hogs, Elephant Plains South Africa’

Oil on 3 stretched canvases Size of each Canvas 20 x 20 cms

WAS $900 AUD

NOW $800 AUD

‘ Big Red’

Oil on Canvas Board, Framed 60 x 80cms

WAS  $1,550 AUD 

 NOW 1,250 AUD

‘ True Aussie’

Oil on Canvas Board, Framed 70 x 84cms

WAS  $1,750 AUD 

 NOW 1,500 AUD

‘ Under the Kalahari Sun – Black Baboons’

Oil on Stretched Canvas 120 x 92 cms

WAS  $4,000 AUD 

 NOW  $3,500 AUD

‘ All of a Flutter -Humming Bird’

Ink on Cardboard,  Framed, Behind Glass 36 x 23cms

WAS  $750 AUD 

 NOW   $650 AUD

‘ Penguins Heading Home, 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road’

Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper

Framed in Mahogany Wood, Behind Glass 124 x 72 cms

WAS  $3,000 AUD 

 NOW  $1,995 AUD

Cassowary – Queensland, Australia

Gouache on Black Matt Card  Unframed  18 x 15 cms

WAS  $450 AUD   

NOW $400 AUD

Take off- Mallard Ducks

Watercolour on Watercolour Paper Framed ?? x ?? cms

   $550 AUD

‘ Feathered Fingers of Flight – Sea Eagle’

Oil on Canvas Board, Framed, Behind Glass 85 x 70 cms

WAS  $1,750 AUD 

NOW $1,500 AUD

‘ Man’s Best Friend Black Labrador’

Pastel on Canson Pastel Paper Framed, Behind Glass 89 x 71cms

WAS  $1,550 AUD 

 NOW $1,150 AUD  !!Great Buy!!

Koala Capers’

Pencil on Satine Drawing Paper, Framed, Behind Glass 80x x70cms

WAS  $1,750 AUD 

 NOW   $1,250 AUD

‘ A Golden Handful’

Pastel on Canson Pastel Paper Unframed cms

WAS  $450 AUD 

 NOW  $350 AUD



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Please note : For the actual size of all paintings please refer to the information under each painting title which will be shown in cms.

All photographs have been designed to maximise the individual paintings and giglee prints of those original paintings, and are sometimes represented larger than they are in reality to satisfy those needs.