Painting is very much like building a website on your computer in that one has to expect the unexpected and realise that with even the most careful, thought-through plan, something will go wrong, a lot of the !@#$% time.

The big difference with your painting, as opposed to a commercially designed web site developer, is that, in painting you are in control of your success, failure, mess and master of your own destiny…….. not so with websites and computer work of any type. Therein, is the wrist slashing, mindblowing, down right bloody mindedness of building your own website.

Yes, I have a lot of ignorance about webpages and techy building stuff but I have been beating my self around the head trying to understand and work with the ever-changing vagaries of web building since around 1999. That is over 23 years. You don’t get that kind of insane sentence for murder!!!!!

Can you imagine the stress, anguish, and frustration I have experienced in that time? Also can you imagine how much knowledge I have learnt and had to forget and relearn because some ning nong some where behind a big computer thinks he might get a promotion if he is seen to be make web building idiot proof for us tired, fedup, worn out ordinary Joe and Mary Blows who are trying, in van, to keep up with the ever changing radid rocket rate of change across all technologies we have to deal with, just to run our bank accounts, tell the time, send an email, let alone figure out all the mysteries of my phone?

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