Sculptureshandmade by KerryAnne from polymer & air-dried clay.

All clothes are designed and sewn by Kerry Anne  

‘Dermi, Having a Rest’

Hand moulded polymer clay body, static joints, mounted to circular wood base. 

H 32cms x W 30cmw x D  30cms

‘Shamus on a Spree’

Polymer Clay Relief behind glass Framed W21 H28 D4 cms

‘King of Mardi Gras’

Made from an old dried paint brush and air-dried clay and dressed by Kerry Anne

W19 H35 D20cms

‘Madam Shivago’

 Polymer clay face with fake fur, 

W9 L14 D3.5 cms 

‘Baby Bunting in Blue’

Polymer clay baby painted with acrylic paint on fake fur CD disc  


Polymer clay bodies in pearl & satin lined sardine-can cradle,  W 8cms, L11cms, D 6.4 cms 

On a Bed of Flowers ‘

Polymer clay face on a bed of polymer clay flowers, with feather  W3.5 L7 D2.5cms 

‘Slumbering Lepracon’

Polymer clay body painted with acrylic paint in a sequin-covered sardine can bed  W8 L11 D6.4  cms 

‘Shell Wee and Shell Not, Twins’

Polymer clay bodies in large seashell crib encrusted with shells and pearls

under a polymer rug, W 11cms, H 5 cms, L14 cms 

‘In a Cradle of Crochet’

Polymer clay baby elf  in  a pearl & sea shell encrusted sardine-can cradle lined

with blue satin and white crochet with blue velvet pillow,  W 8cms, L11cms, D 6.4 cms 

‘Flower Child’

Polymer clay baby with handmade flowers on a polymer clay leaf,  W 6cms, L 9.5cms,  D 4.4 cms 

Mystic Forest Maiden

Polymer clay hand-painted face in acrylics, with synthetic fur on weathered fence pailing

W H D cms 

               Which, Witch Book Marks’

2 Polymer clay red and white striped legs in black high heel shoes book marks firmly attached to 

2 handprinted ‘Witch Page’ labels for insertion into books W cms, L cms, W cms 

‘Ginger Megs with his Footy’

Polymer clay figurine hand painted in Acrylic paint

with a straw boater hat on top of synthetic ginger hair W cms, L cms, D cms 

‘Baby Pixie in a Bag’

Polymer clay baby pixie, asleep in a black mesh bag.  W cms, Lcms, D cms  

‘Sea Shelty for Sea Going Rogues and Vagabonds’

Three polymer clay rogues heads, in openings/windows of a large seashell hotel

W 8cms, L14 cms, D 7cms  


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