‘Dancing with the Fishes’  

28.5cms x 32.5cms.

Acrylic painted.  Hand-sourced beach pebbles, plus sea sponges, and shells,

 In white shadow box. Great for kids’ room/gift

‘Wise Times Four’  

12cm x 13.5cms

Hand-painted acrylic beach pebbles and driftwood, in a white wood shadowbox.

‘Family Love’   

12cm x 13.5cms

Acrylic painted, hand-sourced beach pebbles and driftwood.

In hexagon white timber shadow box. 

‘Spirit of Life’   

9cm x 5.5 cms

Hand-painted in acrylics in mandala style.

Locally sourced beach pebble. 

Fabulous decor gift for housewarming

‘Butterfly Waltz’  

9.5cm x 8cm

Happy Wanderer Butterfly with Two Dew Drop

Hand-painted with acrylics

Great gift for house warming or birthday

‘Mr Bumble’

7.5cms x 5.5cms.

Hand-sourced beach rock painted with acrylic paint & gold sparkles. 

Thoughtful/different gift for a beekeeper, or nature lover. 

Great paperweight for an eco executive.   

SOLD to Canada

‘Another World’ 

6.5cms x 5.5cms

Hand-sourced local beach pebbles, 

mandala style with rhinestones painted with acrylics

Amazing gift for someone who has everything

‘It’s Magic.’

9.5cm x 8.5cms

Hand Painted,  Acrylic on Hand Sourced Local Beach Rock

  Mandela Style with Rhinestones

Great Mother’s Day / Birthday Gift

‘Show Me the Way to Come Home ‘ 

6.5 x 5cms

 Hand-painted, beach-sourced rock. Painted with acrylic paint and sparkles.

Insightful gift for overseas students, global wander or grey nomads

‘Lady Bird, Lady Bird, Fly Away.’ 

9 cm x 7 cms

Hand-sourced beach rock painted in acrylics.

Stunning birthday, friendship, and housewarming gift

‘A Red, Red Robin.’ 

6cm x 4cms

A hand-sourced local beach pebble.

Designed and hand-painted in acrylic and sealed with gloss spray lacquer. 

Great pocket fidget for the nervously inclined or perhaps a paper-weight

‘Too Cool’

5.5cms x 5.5 cms

Hand-painted in acrylics, hand-sourced rock from a local beach

 Silly Stones, Comfort Stones, Pocket Fidgets, Kids Gift   

‘ Glamour Puss & Family,’

(Wide Eye, Droopy, Startled, Weary, Distracted, and Babe.)

 Commercial black  beach pebbles with glued-on acrylic eyes

Silly Stones, Comfort Stones, Pocket Fidgets, Kids Gift   

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