‘ Fireworks Celebrations’

 Oil Stretched Canvas

ALL 3 canvased measure in total 150 x 120cms,

‘A Portrait of a Ravaged Land’

 Acrylic + Collage Pieces Stretched Canvas 120 x 92cms,


'Gateway to Nowhere'

‘ Gateway To Nowhere’

 Oil Stretched Canvas 112 x 76 cms,

‘ Palm Valley, Central OZ’

Oil on 2 Canvas Boards Framed Behind Glass 180 x 110cms,

'When The Black Ducks Fly'

‘ When The Black Ducks Fly’

 Oil Stretched Canvas  Each Measuring 76 x 63cms,


‘ Hampton Sunflowers’

Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper

Framed Gold Behind Glass  104 x 124 cms,

'Midnight Passion'

‘Midnight Loving’

Acrylic on 3 stretched canvases 

     Total Measurement of all 3 canvases  113 x 111 cms

‘Under the Waves ‘ SOLD

  Fluid Acrylics on Stretched Canvas 30 x 30cms,


‘ Red Dust in My Veins’

 Oil and Marble Dust on 3 Stretched Canvas

Measuring in Total 153 x 76 cms,

‘ Blue Lagoon ‘

 Flow Acrylics on  Canvas Board 18 x 30cms,

‘ A World of Sunshine’

 Ink on Photographic Paper 20 x 28 cms,


Acrylic & Marble Dust on  2 Stretched Canvases  152 x 91 cms,

‘ Forest Fires, Strath Creek ‘

Fluid Acrylics on 2  Stretched Canvases 152 x 92cms

‘ Love Blossoms ‘

 Ink on Photographic Paper 20 x 28 cms,

‘ My Country Weeps – From Mining’

 Oil and Impasto Medium  on Stretched Canvas 122 x 92cms,

‘ The Call’

Indian Ink on Satine Paper 90 x 68cms,

‘ Bridging the Gap’

Acrylic on Paper  Framed Behind Glass 28 x 23cms,

‘On the Edge of Nowhere ‘

 Oil Stretched Canvas 120 x 90 cms,

‘ After Turner’

 Acrylic and Marble Dust on 3  Stretched Canvases 183 x 76cms,

‘ Golden Stillness’

 Flow Acrylics on Round Stretched Canvas Diameter 30cms,


‘ Fleeting Moments ‘

 Flow Acrylics on Round Stretched Canvas Diameter 30cms,

+ Set of Four coasters

‘The Forgotten Trail’

Acrylics and Marble Dust on Handmade Stretched Canvas 91x38cms,

‘Water Wonderland ‘

 Acrylic  on Canvas Board Framed 12 x 15cms,


 Oil on Canvas Board  Framed in Gold 153x100cms,

‘Whispering Pink Secrets’   SOLD 

Flow Acrylics on Canvas Board  Not Framed  18×30 cms,

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