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Prices have been REDUCED due to the Pandemic and the Economic Downturn


‘  C’mon Moofy, Dad’s Coming In  ‘
Oil on Stretched Canvas  152×76 cms
WAS$ 4,ooo AUD      NOW $2,950 AUD

‘  City Not Far Away, St Leonards Bellarine Peninsula  ‘
Oil on  Hardboard Framed 108 x48cms

WAS$ 1,200 AUD  NOW $995 AUD

‘ Evening Stroll, Portsea Backbeach ‘
Oil on Stretched Canvas Framed  158x100cms
WAS  $2,950 AUD  NOW $2,450AUD


‘Last Rays of a Perfect Day ‘
Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper Framed Behind Glass 104 x 124 cms
WAS  $ 1,950 AUD  NOW $1,550AUD

‘ The Rendezvous, Vancouver Island Canada  ‘
Oil on Framed Stretched Canvas  81x66cms
WAS$2,oo0  AUD  NOW  $1,750AUD

‘ Summertime at Airey’s Inlet   ‘
Oil on  Stretched Canvas Framed 82 x 67cms

WAS$2,000  AUD  NOW $1,750AUD

‘ Lake Louise 1 & 2   ‘
Oil on Stretched Canvas      cms
WAS  $950AUD  NOW $895AUD

‘ Serenity, Lake Meran Victoria   ‘
Oil on Canvas Board Framed  153 x 100cms

WAS  $4,ooo AUD  NOW $2,950AUD

‘ Dockland’s Magic ‘
Oil on Stretched Canvas  120 x 92cms
WAS  $4,000  AUD  NOW $2,750AUD

‘ Penguins Heading Home- Great Ocean Road Victoria   ‘
Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper Framed  85 x 70 cms
WAS  $ 3,000 AUD  NOW $1,995AUD

‘Paddling in the Shallows, Port Arlington, Bellarine Peninsula ‘
Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper Framed   cms
WAS$ 750 AUD  NOW $650AUD

‘ Willy Willy on the Murrumbidgee River NSW   ‘
Pastel on Wet & Dry Sandpaper Framed  cms
WAS$700  AUD  NOW $ 550AUD

‘ Sorrento Summer   ‘
Oil on Canvas Board x2  Framed    cms

WAS  $1550  AUD  NOW $995AUD