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‘Dancing with the Fishes’  

28.5cms x 32.5cms.

Acrylic painted.  Hand sourced beach pebbles, plus sea sponges, and shells,

 In white shadow box. Great for kids room/gift

$ 190.00  AUD

‘Wise Times Four’  

12cm x 13.5cms

Hand painted acrylic beach pebbles and driftwood, in white wood shadowbox.

$ 60.00  AUD


‘Family Love’   

12cm x 13.5cms

Acrylic painted hand sourced beach pebbles and driftwood.

In hexagon white timber shadow box. 

$ 50.00  AUD

‘Spirit of Life’   

9cm x 5.5 cms

Hand painted in acrylics in mandala style .

Locally sourced beach pebble. 

Fabulous decor gift for housewarming

$ 90.00  AUD

‘Butterfly Waltz’  

9.5cm x 8cm

Happy Wanderer Butterfly with Two Dew Drop

Hand painted with acrylics

Great gift for housewarming/ birthday

$ 80.00  AUD

‘Mr Bumble’

7.5cms x 5.5cms.

Hand sourced beach rock painted with acrylic paint & gold sparkles. 

Thoughtful/different gift for beekeeper, nature lover. 

Great paper weight for eco executive.   

$ 70.00  AUD


‘Another World’ 

6.5cms x 5.5cms

Hand sourced local beach pebble, 

mandala style with rhinestone painted with acrylics

Amazing gift for someone who has everything

$ 40.00  AUD


‘It’s Magic.’

9.5cm x 8.5cms

Hand Painted,  Acrylic on Hand Sourced Local Beach Rock

  Mandela Style with Rhinestones

Great Mother’s Day / Birthday Gift

$ 85.00  AUD

‘Show Me the Way to Come Home’ 

6.5 x 5 cms

 Hand painted, beach sourced rock. Painted with acrylic paint and sparkles.

Insightful gift for overseas student, global wander or grey nomads

$ 40.00  AUD


‘Lady Bird, Lady Bird, Fly Away.’ 

9 cm x 7 cms

Hand sourced beach rock  painted in acrylics.

Stunning birthday, friendship, house warming gift

$ 55.00  AUD

‘A Red, Red Robin.’ 

6cm x 4cms

A hand sourced local beach pebble.

Designed and hand painted in acrylic and sealed with gloss spray lacquer. 

Great pocket fidget for the nervously inclined or paper holder

$ 38.00  AUD


‘Too Cool’

5.5cms x 5.5 cms

Hand painted in acrylics, hand sourced rock from a local beach

 Silly Stones, Comfort Stones, Pocket Fidgets, Kids Gift   

$ 25.00  AUD



‘ Glamour Puss & Family,’

(Wide Eye, Droopy, Startled, Weary, Distracted, and Babe.)

 Commercial black  beach pebbles with glued on acrylic eyes

Silly Stones, Comfort Stones, Pocket Fidgets, Kids Gift   

 All 7 pieces $ 35.00  AUD











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Please note : For the actual size of all paintings please refer to the information under each painting title which will be shown in cms.

All photographs have been designed to maximise the individual paintings and giglee prints of those original paintings, and are sometimes represented larger than they are in reality to satisfy those needs.